Why Rotations is the best indoor Cycling and TRX studio in the Sarasota Lakewood Ranch area!


“First class was back in March of 2014 at which time I was doing a blend of cycling, swimming, running, walking, free weights and elliptical sessions. After joining in the TRX classes 3 days a week I was surprised to see I’d lost 2 inches from my belly while only losing 1-2 lbs of body weight. This was interesting considering I had discontinued free weights, swimming and elliptical sessions. Now 15 months later I’m still averaging 3 TRX session a week mixed with kayaking, yoga, paddleboarding, spinning, and embarrassingly slow run/walks. Good news is my strength has held with TRX, pant legs have more room (waist the same) and I’m starting to get something resembling abs again. Oh did I mention I often have to eat pancakes or desert so I don’t lose more weight!! Beer, wine and Martinis are still on my menu as well. With results like this, fun people to workout with and great instructors my opinion is “Rotations Rocks”

 Jeff Hemphill


“Sandy, what a benefit by adding the weights to our classes. Not only do my upper arms look better, but my golf yardage has improved by 20 + yards. Thank you and your staff, so enjoy being a part of Rotations.”
 Carolyn Wethington


“Sandy, I just want to say I really appreciate your professionalism as a trainer and the way you manage you business. In addition, the fresh mix of exercises and your attention to detail pushes my body to the limit. I love it at Rotations.”
 Rickey Davis


“Dear Sandy, and the Rotation Crew. I just want to let you know how grateful I am for all of your help, in assisting me in my weight loss journey. When I called Sandy on May 25 2015 I was so over weight. I explained to Sandy that I never cycled before was that ok she said with such enthusiasm yes we do. When I arrived I received such a welcome. When I did my first class it seemed hard but I was determined, the next day I weighed myself I dropped 4lbs. I could not believe I was hooked now. I weighed in two weeks to that day I lost 11.2 Lbs. Friday of that same week I lost 13. 4 lbs. It took me two weeks. I still cannot believe it. I have tried so many times, with different methods and have not gotten this kind of results. I am so happy although I have 50 more pounds to loose I am excited to be able to do it at Rotation Cycle. Thank You All for the Great Work. I am forever Grateful.”
 Dorrell Brown


“I’ve experienced greater results from TRX than from 25 years of pushing free weights and using machines. With TRX I’ve gained strength, firmed up and definitely increased my flexibility and endurance. TRX works the whole body and because I am working with my own body weight I have much better control and I don’t end up hurting my joints like I did when pumping  weights that were too heavy for my build. Sandy and the Rotations team really know their stuff and every workout is like having a personal trainer who knows my body and my limitations and they know when to offer alternative exercises to work around a weakness or injury. I typically do TRX and cycling back-to-back to maximize my workout and I love it. And Rotations is like “Cheers”…where everybody knows your name!”
 Rick Hughes


(8 week Cycling Challenge Winner) “I’m a member of Rotations Cycling Studio and I started going to Rotations last winter when I weighed 217 lbs. I formally competed in triathlons up until my daughters were born 22 years go. Now that they are both in college, I thought it would be a good time to get back in shape and participate in some events again. I had never had a spin class before and was somewhat apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. However, Sandy and her team of professional instructors made the transition pleasant for me as a novice…they provide a serious workout, yet keep it fun and friendly by providing an inviting atmosphere. Eight weeks ago Rotations offered an eight-week fitness challenge were I weighed in at 207 lbs and completed the challenge weighing 183 lbs. Needless to say I feel better and my runs are much easier as well. I’m very grateful to Sandy and her staff for helping me achieve my fitness goals. I could not have done it without their help and support.”
– Roy Routh


(8 Week TRX Challenge Winner) “My name is Amanda Powell. In March 2011 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins B-cell Lymphoma, I had to undergo 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and radiation. The treatment required took a large toll on my body and the steroids I had to take caused me to gain 60lbs. I have been working to lose that weight and also gain back the strength I had lost due to my lack of activity during the treatment. The biggest change in my weight loss and strength gain occurred shortly after I started doing TRX at Rotations Cycling Studio. Doing TRX two to three times a week, adding an hour of cardio at least 5 days a week, and doing some yoga for my general well-being have created a huge change in my body. I have also changed my diet from processed packaged foods to fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, brown rice pasta, and a good amount of juicing. One of the biggest changes occurred when I cut alcohol and other sugary beverages out of my diet completely. I have learned to eat to live and not live to eat, and grown to love challenging myself with exercise. I always keep in mind that there is no challenge you can’t overcome, and no matter what you have to keep pushing forward.  
– Amanda Powell


TRX is  the best all around strength routine I’ve ever tried.   It builds core muscles, leg muscles and upper body.   I’m a runner, but I’ve got knee problems.  TRX helps build the muscles that support my knees to keep me injury free.  I can’t imagine training without TRX.”  – Suzanne Manzi

In 2006,my left leg was severely broken. It required extensive sx and I was incapacitated for almost 6 months. When I returned to the emergency room, I needed special crutches in order to stand or walk! Eventually, it healed and I never realized how weak my left leg was. Two years ago, I attempted to ice skate and my left ankle bent inward. Determined to strengthen it, I began training with TRX in 2011. When I started I was unable to stand on my left leg without falling. Sandy worked with me, concentrating on one-legged exercises. Presently, I am able to complete several sets without falling over!  I am grateful for the TRX training that I have received from Rotations and Sandy’s effort and devotion.
– Dr. Dominick Buro

I can’t say enough good things about Rotations Cycling and TRX Studio, owner Sandy Birczak, and her staff! I have greatly increased the quality of my life by participating in their training programs. By cycling regularly, I have increased my endurance and strength to such a level that I am able to keep pace with riders 30 years younger on even strenuous 100 mile outdoor rides. But, most important to me is the amazing progress I have made through TRX training. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with major tears in both rotator cuffs. Surgery wasn’t a viable option and several regimens of physical therapy didn’t significantly improve my shoulder and arm strength or increase my range of motion. One year ago I wasn’t able to lift a cup of water and place it in a microwave oven above the stove without using two hands. Nor was I able to pour water into a coffee maker on the counter top without using two hands. And, forget pouring milk into a cereal bowl using one hand. After taking TRX training for about a month, I began to notice slight increases in both arm/shoulder strength and also in my range of motion. After six months, I was able to put the coffee cup into the microwave, fill the coffee maker and pour milk into a cereal bowl. All using just one hand!  After a year of doing TRX 2-3 times per week, my arm and shoulder strength increased to a level where I can lift tools and do work above my head, extend my arms to shoulder height to trim shrubs, and just recently, put strings of lights on the Christmas tree without taking frequent breaks to rest my arms. And, if this was enough benefit, since TRX works the entire body, especially the core, I have straightened my posture and got rid of the “geriatric stoop” I was beginning to develop. Thanks to Sandy Birczak and her staff at Rotations Cycling Studio I am able to do now so many things that I haven’t been able to do for years!
– Ron Turner

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